Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Ski & Snowboard Club?

The MRU Ski & Snowboard Club is a group of people who love to go skiing, snowboarding and socialize with each other.

2. How do I join the Ski Club & stay up to date with upcoming events/trips?

Stop by the table times from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm on either TUESDAY & THURSDAY each week. To stay up to date with our upcoming events/trips, make sure you subscribe to our events on the facebook page (Click here) and when you sign up we add you to our mailing list.  We accept cash and credit (Credit does have service fees applied to the purchased items). Also don't forget to join our carpool / members group to find out who is going to the mountain! (Click here)

3. Is there a cost to joining Ski Club?

Yes, it costs $10, however the membership pays for itself in one use and it has some crazy deals. (Click here to see the deals)

4. What is a table time?

A table time is when we set up a table to sell our members membership cards, lift tickets, spots on our trip, or give them free stuff.

5. Where are the table times?

The table times are all over but are always on TUESDAY & THURSDAY from 12:30 to 4:00, here are our locations:


Jan 8 - West Gate
Jan 15 - Wyckham
Jan 22 - Main Street Table #3
Jan 29 - Main Street Table #3
Feb 5 - Main Street Table #4
Feb 12 - Wyckham
Feb 19 - Main Street Table #1
Feb 26 - Main Street Table #3
Mar 5 - Wyckham
Mar 12 - West Gate
Mar 19 - West Gate
Mar 26 - Main Street Table #1
Apr 2 - West Gate


Jan 10 - West Gate
Jan 17 - West Gate
Jan 24 - Wyckham
Jan 31 - Main Street Table #3
Feb 7 - Main Street Table #4
Feb 14 - Main Street Table #4
Feb 21 - Main Street Table #1
Feb 28 - Main Street Table #3
Mar 7 - West Gate
Mar 14 - West Gate
Mar 21 - West Gate
Mar 28 - Main Street Table #1
Apr 4 - Main Street Table #1

6. Will you meet outside of the table times to sell lift tickets, membership card, or trip spots?

No, unfortunately with our membership base over 1,200 our exec team isnโ€™t able to juggle school and meeting up with each member individually.

7. How do I sign up for a trip, course, lift tickets or grab my ticket to an event?

Stop by the table times throughout the week.

8. How much is a trip, lift tickets, or event?

Our trips and events range, but the price is highlighted in the Trips page.

9. Where is the event page located?

Go to and click events or just go to our Trips page on our website.

10. How much are Lift tickets?

Prices are here!

*Paying by credit card or debit tap has service fees attached to the purchased items.\

Advanced ticket sales only, no on-hill mountain window rate available. Tickets must be purchased during table times.

11. How many lift tickets can I purchase?

Lift tickets are a perk of being an MRU Ski Club member & a MRU Student, therefore passes are limited to 2 tickets/per week as you are able to stop by every couple weeks to restock your personal skiing needs. Please have your valid Mount Royal University Student ID & MRU Ski Club Membership Card upon purchase. 

12. Can I return my lift tickets?

Most used Lift tickets & unused Lift tickets look exactly the same, therefore lift ticket sales are a final sale. They do not expire until the end of the season (Usually May 1 or later).

13. I can no longer come on the ski trip that I signed up for. 

Ski Club trips are non-refundable*. We will do our best to help find a member to purchase your spot from you on the trip.

*Money will not be refunded until your spot is purchased by another member.

14. Why didn't I get placed into the room I requested with my friends?

Roommate requests are simply that, a request. We do our best to accommodate all requests, however if you or your friends are late to sign up that means there are roommate requests before yours that are listened to first. Also time spent in the room is usually limited as everyone is out socializing with everyone. 

15. I lost my ski club membership, can I get a new one for free?

No, unfortunately you will have to pay for a new membership card. This is because we used to have problems with members saying they lost their card and gave the new one to their friend.