The Executive Team

The exec team keeps the Club from exploding like a barrel in Golden Eye. It's not all fun and games though; sometimes we have to go skiing. Think you're cut out for the job? Exec tryouts are held every winter.


Meg Ollive

Year: 3rd etol

Favorite Beverage: Earl grey one milk one sugar (I take delivery)

Favorite Mountain: kimbo represent

I ride:  skees

My goals/aspirations: I want to become the most badass mountain guide!

Favorite pastime: climbing

Flabongo or Shotgun: Shotgun? Tea is hot to shotgun use at own risk

My hero/idol: Ian Sherrington

Most essential appliance: My heated blanket for after shredding

Buy her a: karaoke machine


Jordan Hromyk

Year: 5

Favourite beverage: Coffee

Favourite Mountain: Castle Resort

I ride: Skis!

My Goals/Aspirations: To ride a monoboard

Favourite pastime: Skiing….

Flabongo or Shotgun: Shot Skis

My hero/idol: Andreas Frassen

Most essential appliance: The Truck

Buy him a: Coffee


Jake Travis
Senior Executive Marketing

Year: 3

Favorite Beverage: Eggnog

Favorite Mountain: Revy

I ride: Line Blend?

My goals/aspirations: To Conquer the Bunny Hill.

Favorite pastime: Taking Pictures

Flabongo or Shotgun: Anything that makes drinking faster

My hero/idol: Zac Alsop

Most essential appliance:  Water Cooler

Buy him a:  Red Dragon Camera


Nick Remenda
VP of Finance

Year: 4th Sorta

Favorite Beverage: Okanagan 1516

Favorite Mountain:  Revelstoke

I ride: I ride two sticks

My goals/aspirations: shred every mountain in Canada

Favorite pastime: traveling

Flabongo or Shotgun: Shotgun

My hero/idol: Brad Rossiter

Most essential appliance: Coffee maker

Buy him a:  DRDD (dark roast double double )

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 6.43.39 PM.png

Maddy Regimbald
Executive of Marketing

Year: 4

Favorite Beverage: earl grey d.d

Favorite Mountain: fernie

I ride: a snowboard!

My goals/aspirations: shred JAPOW

Favorite pastime: photography!!

Flabongo or Shotgun: a nice responsible night in bed with netflix

My hero/idol: my mom

Most essential appliance: Kettle

Buy her a: cool pin :)

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 4.15.53 PM.png

Walid Hassin
Jr VP of Events

Year: 4th year

Favorite Beverage: slurpee

Favorite Mountain: Sunshine Village

I ride: a snowboard

My goals/aspirations: to graduate in April and venture into the real world and learn to backflip this season

Favorite pastime: Any kind of sports or physical activity and also video games. Dependent on the mood

Flabongo or Shotgun: Shotgun

My hero/idol: My parents

Most essential appliance: My snowboards, you can always buy the other gear at the hill!

Buy him a: Box of Chocolates


Ethan Wood
VP Trips

Year: 3ish

Favorite Beverage: water

Favorite Mountain: Revelstoke

I ride: Send Sticks

My goals/aspirations: Ski around the globe

Favorite pastime: skiing, skatin, surfin

Flabongo or Shotgun: shotgun

My hero/idol:  Andrew Prichard

Most essential appliance: microwave

Buy him a: beer


Andrew Pritchard
VP Ambassador Leader

Year: 4, plus tax

Favorite Beverage: Alcoholic

Favorite Mountain: any one I haven't been to yet!

I ride: Slowboard

My goals/aspirations: Ski JAPAN

Favorite pastime: Knuckle drag and spend time with friends

Flabongo or Shotgun: Shotgun

My hero/idol: Ethan Wood

Most essential appliance: Beard trimmer

Buy him a: timbit

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 4.21.51 PM.png

Brad Schmaltz
Executive of Trips

Year: 5th year

Favorite Beverage: Ice cold PBR

Favorite Mountain: REVY

I ride: Armada ARV 106s... Drunk

My goals/aspirations: CEO or bust

Favorite pastime: Doin hood rat shit with my friends

Flabongo or Shotgun: Shotgun ;)

My hero/idol: My old man

Most essential appliance: Fridge to keep the drinks cold

Buy him a: Puppy


Bailey Gingras
VP Events

Year: 3

Favorite Beverage: good tequila (none of that jose cuervo shit)

Favorite Mountain: Castle!

I ride:  gracefully

My goals/aspirations: Own a Boat

Favorite pastime: paying to watch a dj press play

Flabongo or Shotgun: Flabongo?

My hero/idol: Darude

Most essential appliance: Snow Cone machine

Buy her a: A Boat


Katelyn Mallett
Executive of Ambassadors

Year: 3

Favorite Beverage: shock top! 

Favorite Mountain: revelstoke

I ride: rossignol saffron 7's

My goals/aspirations: run my own ski/mountain bike company in nepal

Favorite pastime: hanging out at the climbing wall with my etol friends

Flabongo or Shotgun: would die if I did either

My hero/idol: freddie mercury

Most essential appliance: my rav 4 to carry my skis and bike with me everywhere I go

Buy her a: jar of olives


Boban Radivojevic
Executive of Finance

Year: 4th year

Favorite Beverage: Rona's

Favorite Mountain: Revy

I ride:  Snowboard

My goals/aspirations: Get maybe possibly my CPA

Favorite pastime: Gaming

Flabongo or Shotgun: Flabongo into a shotgun

My hero/idol: Jesse Kardon

Most essential appliance: Toaster oven

Buy him a: Pashmina


Ben Simonelli
Executive of Marketing

Year: 4th

Favorite Beverage: Cold Beverage

Favorite Mountain: KHO

I ride:  Moment Meridians/pb&js on resort, Armada kufo/JJ UL touring

My goals/aspirations: Not to be a dud

Favorite pastime: Outdoors

Flabongo or Shotgun: Tfs a flabongo

My hero/idol: Tristan Pollack (certified athlete)

Most essential appliance: ?

Buy him a: 10 piece chiggen


Shallen Middleton
Executive of Finance

Year: fore!

Favorite Beverage: Choccy milk

Favorite Mountain: Revelstoke

I ride:  magic carpet

My goals/aspirations: heli pilot

Favorite pastime: sending it

Flabongo or Shotgun: gunshot

My hero/idol: Better than evil knievel, it's Ray

Most essential appliance: Fridge to keep the choccy milk cold

Buy her a: Money for speeding tickets



The MRU Ski & Snowboard Club prides ourselves on creating a community because of this the Ski Club is the largest club on campus, but it didn't get there by one person. Ski Club is a community that is improved upon by everyone. If you would love to help out even more, join as an ambassador! Ambassadors get to do sweet things such as promoting ski club, helping out with events, and receive some sweet swag!

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